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Nepal's 7.8 & 7.4 Magnitude Earthquakes -Tried and Proven
By AJW828 on May 15, 2015
We live and serve in Kathmandu, Nepal. I installed this alarm on the wall outside our bedrooms just one week before the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015. We were actually in church and not at home when the first earthquake hit, but the alarm sounded three days before the earthquake after detecting a micro tremor. So when the earthquake came, we were already mentally conscientious and quick to respond.

We were home for the second earthquake - a 7.4 magnitude - on May 12, 2015. The earthquake was about 50 miles away. The alarm alerted us about 4 seconds before the S wave came giving us enough time to respond. We would have been alerted quicker, but I turned the sensitivity way down after the first earthquake because of all the aftershocks and micro tremors.

I would highly recommend this product. In fact, I am having five more brought over for friends and neighbors. All of our neighbors are thanking us for having the alarm because it is so loud it warns everyone around us

Paid off last night
By Jduenas on January 13, 2014
Last night a 6.4 and a 6.5 hit north of Puerto Rico at midnight. This quake was close to us and it still gave us about a 10 second headstart to get in the right mindset to face what was coming. I live in the 2nd floor of a 12 story building. I've had it in the same wall (has never fallen off) with the same battery for about 2 years, maybe more.
Now even happier with this purchase.

A fair deal, it simply works
By Ignacio on June 19, 2010
This little gadget does what it claims because it gives about like five to thirty seconds of notice before the jolt hits and that, like in football, is a big advantage. When the latest one hit, it gave me a head start to grab my backpack filled with important documents and a few other things, and head out the door, when the jolt set in, I was a few yards away in the clear street. When the big one strikes, I'll be ready. Best thirty bucks I've ever spent.

Peace of mind
By Alex S on August 8, 2012
While living in California, we used this detector In our home. It went off for minor earthquakes, and was triggered with the foreshocks of larger earthquakes. The further away the quake, the more advance notice we had. Because of the sensitivity control, we were able to set it so it did not trigger when heavy trucks drove by, but so that we got actual alerts. It was accurate, and worked very well.

We had it on an inside wall, and our home was on raised foundation, an ideal combination for accuracy.

WOW. A must have!
By UltraHandy on August 7, 2014
It has registered every single little quake in the past months since we bought it. I bought it to entertain my kids and leaner about science and radio waves and such. They love it. Every time it goes off, it's either them running up the stairs or an actual quake! We will hear it, then go to the computer and by gum, there was a quake in the 2.0-3.0 range. You'd normally not feel that, but with this thing, you know it happened.

And one thing is for sure--we know that if there is a truly big one coming, like 5.5 or above, this little baby will go off and let us have those precious extra few seconds. Can't believe these gizmos aren't required by the building code. I've ended up installing one in my apartment buildings. So cheap for such a valuable tool.

If the quake is right under you, you won't get but a couple of seconds warning. But if it's farther away, like 50-100 miles or more for a big one, you can get a minute or more. That's truly amazing.

I got the idea for this watching the giant quake in Japan a few years ago. Apparently, in Tokyo where these are required (everybody has one) the alarms went off big time, and everybody in Tokyo went to their computers and had an actual countdown to when they'd feel the shaking. You can look that up on youtube. They got about 45 seconds warning.

I mean, I want to know. I live in San Francisco. Don't you?

Worked everytime
By vishnu r on February 18, 2014
It alarms everytime. Quakes that measure as low as 3.5 causes an alarm. Trucks or other large vehicles does not set it off. Alarm actually goes off before the large quake is felt.

Saves valuable seconds to get to safety
By SL on March 28, 2014
I swear by it. Just make sure the batteries work regularly and it's calibrated correctly. But I bought it because I have glass windows and mirrors everywhere. And I have a pet. It gives me enough time to grab her and head to the safest place in the house. Also, make sure you put it above shoulder level. I made the mistake of putting it right where my shoulder can bump it, and it rings when I bump it. But besides the time I calibrated it too low and the other time I didn't change the battery, it works every time. We just had an earthquake now. My alarm rang, I immediately grabbed my pet, and ran to our safe zone. Seconds later the earthquake hit us. I have been woken dead out of sleep and saved valuable time getting to safety. I have had this same alarm for about three years.

Great product. Should be a must own if you live in an earthquake zone
By Caleb H. on October 6, 2014
Glad I bought one. Brings peace of mind living in an area with a huge earthquake risk. This product will save your life because it gives you advance warning before the primary destructive waves of an earthquake start... If you live an area where earthquakes happen all the time I highly recommend getting one.

definitely worth it
By Brit in Asheville on August 10, 2015
Does work and is easy to mount. We have used this in Nepal which recently suffered 2 very significant earthquakes. An alarm doesn't give you a lot of notice of imminent quake and doesn't obviously tell you whether what is coming is The Big One or just some small aftershocks or quakes. But it is a good idea if you live in an earthquake zone. Gives you some precious seconds to move away from windows, gather family and pets together, turn off gas range if you're cooking etc etc.

It absolutely works!
By Cosmopolite on September 7, 2012
Item arrived quickly. Great Product! Works like a charm. Everyone in California or anywhere in an Earthquake prone area should have this. There was a small 3.5 quake in the LA area very late yesterday night. We live all the way south in Orange County and the Alarm went on and it was loud enough to wake everyone up. We did not feel the quake but read the news later on! Simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

It works perfectly and can save lives!
By "Author of Gypsy Dreamer" on March 28, 2014
I live in Nicaragua. We have tremors all the time here. I have video footage of this thing going off before the shaking started. It is loud but if you live in a large house you might need to purchase 2.

There is no doubt that this can save lives. Even for small tremors, it is great to have it to make sure your quake plan is done correctly.

worth the money!
By playboyjd61 on June 16, 2015
excellent piece of equipment...will order again..

Really great product!
By DANIELLE L. on February 3, 2015
Works exactly as described. It woke me up in an earthquake, so I had more time to react and get to safety.

I love that it has an adjustable setting, so you can determine how sensitive you want it to be.

good construction, easy to install and configure
By DanSan on October 14, 2014
Article is same as described by the seller. fast shipping and well packed. good construction. easy to install and configure.

It really does work
By Jennie on April 20, 2011
I live in California and like this alarm. I have it set so that if the kids slam the front door, it will ring so I have it set pretty sensitive. The first time it went off a few years ago I thought it was the fire alarm. It does go off about 5-10 seconds before the shaking starts. Now I know the alarm sound and it just yesterday detected an earthquake about 40 miles from my house that was a 3.4. I didn't even feel the earthquake but glad I now have the practice to know the sound and can get out of the house. Forget duck and cover. I have been in a few earthquakes and getting out of the house is the safest way to go.

Works as advertised
By Peter on September 24, 2012
We live in Kathmandu, Nepal and regularly get earth tremors which the alarm detects. Most we don't feel and only know about them because the alarm goes off but last year we had a more major one and the alarm gave us good warning to take action.

The alarm saves valuable seconds in responding to an earthquake. Without the alarm it takes time to recognise the start of a tremor and respond to what is happening.

Having the alarm go off for the minor tremors is not a problem - there are only a few each year. It reassures us that it is working.

Highly recommended
By Manuel on April 16, 2015
I live in Guatemala City and we have everyday earthquakes from 2.0 to 5.8 last one I checked. I set my alarm to quakes above 3 and works perfectly. It gives you a clear alarm of earthquake and enough time to evacuate!!

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