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1. what is the quake alarmtm ? it is an inexpensive earthquake detector for homes, offices and school classrooms that sounds a loud buzzer as soon as an earthquake begins.

2. how does the quake alarmtm work/operate? the quake alarmtm is a small plastic device that is not much bigger than a thermostat that mounts onto a wall with adhesive velcro strips and it operates off a nine-volt battery. the internal components are made up of a patented reverse pendulum system that is sensitive to "p" waves that precedes an earthquake. this pendulum moves, tripping a switch circuit which sounds the loud buzzer.

3. which earthquakes does it detect? the quake alarmtm has a sensitivity adjustment whereby it can detect close by 4.0 earthquakes to quakes of 6.0 and above that are hundreds of miles away.

4. you mentioned the "p" wave. what is that and how does the quake alarmtm detect them? earthquakes produce many waves caused by the plate or rock movements beneath the surface. the two main waves are the "p" compression wave which is the fastest moving wave. the quake alarmtm is sensitive enough to detect this wave movement and sound the alarm before the "s" or shear wave hits. this gives you a few seconds to help children or others find a safe place to be, like in the "triangle of life" (see, and the buzzer is loud enough to wake you up.

5. how much faster does a "p" wave travel than an "s" wave? the united states geological survey says an "s" wave travels 1.75 times slower than a "p" wave (about two miles/second versus three miles/second).

6. how do you know the quake alarmtm works? we have been testing the reverse pendulum design for over five years and have test records of actual earthquakes that show that it does, in fact, work. there are a number of units installed right now in homes and schools about los angeles which report into us when they sound their alarms, and we tie into actual united states geological survey earthquakes they have recorded. many times our reporters state they did not feel anything, but the quake alarmtm sounded its alarm telling us they are detecting the "p" wave.

7. you say the quake alarmtm operates off a nine-volt battery. how long do they last? with intermittent alarming and testing of the units on a regular basis, a nine-volt alkaline battery will last about five years.

8. where can the quake alarmtm be purchased? at

9. how much time does the quake alarmtm give you before the quake hits? this all depends upon how far you are from the epicenter of the quake and the magnitude of the quake. based upon how much faster the "p" wave travels than the "s" wave, it can usually give you a few extra seconds to quickly react. remember that because the quake alarmtm can wake you up, this warning can give you time to tend to other family members which you might not have otherwise. the quake alarmtm also saves time by confirming that what you might hear or feel is, in fact, an earthquake, so don't waste time, react.

10. who is jds products? we are a company that has been in business since 1975 that has specialized in the manufacture of a number of safety products sold throughout the united states. our main safety products are electrical devices that prevent small machines like table saws from automatically restarting after a power interruption.

11. why should people use the quake alarmtm ? because it wakes you up at night at the start of an earthquake and it confirms that what you might be feeling is, in fact, an earthquake.

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