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history of jds products, inc.

jds products was incorporated on march 18, 1975 to manufacture a newly patented product called the saf-start® and saf-start-plug®.

this safety product was designed as an inexpensive way to upgrade small machines like drill presses and table saws to the new o.s.h.a. requirement that states that “machines cannot restart automatically after a power interruption, if injury to the operator could happen.” the saf-start® simply replaces the power cord on the small machines. this product is sold through electrical distributors, through mcmaster-carr supply company and lab safety supply. the saf- start® was redesigned in 1996 adding a sensing circuit to the design, so it has the added benefit of not resetting after the power is restored until the machine switch is turned off. this new design is called the sensing-saf-start®. (this can be seen at:

in 1983, a new product called the protect-o-plugtm was introduced as resettable overcurrent protection “in the plug” for task lights used in modular offices in the city of chicago. this product is used by many o.e.m. companies on the task lights they provide to all types of businesses.

the quake alarmtm was invented in 1993 and patented in 1995 and has been in use in a number of locations all over the world since that time. jds products, inc. acquired the patent in 1998 and developed it into its present inexpensive configuration for homes, schools and offices.

does the quake alarmtm actually work? from a recorded interview made by television station channel 7 (kabc) in los angeles which was broadcast on their “eyewitness news” on november 3, 1999 at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., a seismologist by the name of susan hough from the usgs (the united states geological survey) located at the california institute of technology stated when asked about the quake alarmtm “it does what it says it will do . . .”, “the unit detects the ‘p’ wave which precedes the ‘s’ wave . . .”

we have thousands of quake alarmstm in use throughout the world and have received many comments from people thanking us for the peace of mind they have knowing the quake alarmtm will warn them of an earthquake or confirm that an earthquake is happening.

jds products, inc. was formed to provide safety products to general industry and now for homes. we have been in the safety business for thirty years and our goal is to continue to provide quality safety products at a reasonable price.

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